Prof. Abdesadek Lachgar

Principal Investigator (USA)

Material Chemist

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    Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at Wake Forest University, and current director of the WFU program in the environment. Lachgar is also an associate director in charge of research imperatives of the Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability at WFU. His teaching and scholarship interests are in the area of inorganic materials. Lachgars' expertise is in the synthesis and characterization of solid state materials with potential applications in electrochemical energy storage, photocatalysis, and development of catalysts for the preparation of advanced biofuels from waste.

    Metal oxides for solid oxides fuel cells. Lachgars' research received funding from the National Science Foundation, the US Department of Energy, the Biofuel Center of NC, and is currently funded by the Wake Forest University Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability. He is also collaborating with scientists from Oak Ridge National Laboratories to develop new photocatalysts. He has published over 100 papers and two book chapters and is an associate editor for the international journal of inorganic chemistry..

Dr. Najma Memon

Principal Investigator (PAKISTAN)

Analytical Chemist

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    Dr. Memon has vast experience in chemical analysis of environmental, food, pharmaceutical samples. She has command over many analytical techniques like FTIR, chromatographic techniques and sample preparation techniques. She has remained incharge of industrial services (three years) for water testing and fatty acid profiling using gas chromatography.

    Besides chemical analysis she has prepared number of materials useful in cleaning environmental contaminants and for use in chemical analysis. Currently she is also working on porous metal-organic frameworks for variety of applications and hyrdothermal carbonization technique to prepare sorbents and catalyst.

Prof. Dr. Shahabuddin Memon

Co-Principal Investigator (PAKISTAN)

Organic Chemist

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    Prof. Memon is organic chemist with expertise in synthesis of calixarene compounds. His services in understating the reaction mechanisms and evaluation of NMR spectra.

    is deem necessary. He has significant experience in preparing compounds selective for various pollutants like removal of metal ion, pesticides and anions.

Dr. Tahir Rafique

Water Technologist

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    Dr. Tahir Rafique did Ph.D. in causes of depleted water quality of deserted area of Tharparkar. He developed maps for water quality with respect to various salts present in water. He also, provided solutions to water.

    treatment in remote deserted area of Tharparkar. Now, he is running a small company (FineTech) which provides water treatment solution for drinking to ultrapure laboratory grade water..

Kashif Samo

SEM Expert

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    Kahsif Samo is geologist and maintaining Scanning Electron Microscopy facility at Centre for Pure and Applied Geology, University of Sindh. He contributes in surface characterization of carbon compounds.

Safia Sanam

Research Fellow

Mr. Abdulallah Memon

M. Phil Scholar

Ms. Maria

M. Phil Student (Shorterm)

Shiba Prasad Adhikari

Graduate student

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    Shiba Adhikari is a graduate student in the Chemistry Department at Wake Forest University originally from Nepal. He received a Master degree in Chemistry from the University of Surrey, UK before joining Dr. Lachgar's group. His research interests are in the study

    of materials for renewable energy and environmental applications. He works on the preparation, characterization, and catalytic performance studies of materials made from biomass to be used for converting waste oils and fats containing high percent of free fatty acids to advanced biofuels.

Emaan Noor Mahmood

Research Fellow

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    Emaan Noor Mahmood is a member of the Wake Forest University Class of 2018 and is originally from Louisville, Kentucky. She joined the Lachgar Research group in January of 2015. She was awarded a Wake Forest

    Research Fellowship (Summer 2015) and plans to continue her research on the synthesis, complete structural, chemical and physical characterization, and investigation of the photocatalytic performance of composites of various compounds.

Sara Borchers

Senior Undergraduate Student

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    Sara Borchers is a senior undergraduate student at Wake Forest double-majoring in Biology/Spanish and minoring in Chemistry. She joined the Lachgar team in Fall 2016. Her research is focused on the synthesis of solid carbon-based catalysts for waste-to-biofuel conversion. She aims to better understand the properties of the catalysts and scale up their production. Her interest in the field stems

    from her desire to uncover sustainable energy sources that minimize anthropogenic damage to the Earth. After graduation, she plans to pursue either environmental conservation policy or environmental chemistry. Outside of the lab, Sara enjoys hiking to waterfalls, teaching herself guitar from YouTube tutorials, and salsa dancing!

Yian Wang

Senior Undergraduate Student

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    Yian is a senior undergraduate student at Wake Forest University majoring in Chemistry. She joined the Lachgar group in 2016. The focus of her research is on the performance of a solid acid catalyst under different reaction conditions and on the design of a continuous flow reaction system for the conversion of high Free Fatty Acid (FFA) oils

    into biodiesel. Her research interests are in green or sustainable materials (synthesis or characterization), alternative energy sources, and instrumental designs. She plans to pursue a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering or Materials Science.

Hunter Dean

Senior Undergraduate Student

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    Hunter is a senior undergraduate student at Wake Forest majoring in Chemistry. He joined the Lachgar group in 2015. The focus of his research is on the synthesis and catalytic properties of carbon-based catalysts for waste-to-biofuel conversion, and photocatalytic semiconductor heterojunctions for hydrogen production.

    His research interests are in alternative fuel sources, characterization, instrumentation design, and solid state synthesis. He is also pursuing a Masters in Management at the Wake Forest Business School after graduation. Hunter plans to pursue chemical engineering after business school.

Abdelaziz El Jazouli

Visiting Professor

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    Abdelaziz El Jazouli is a Fulbright fellow Visiting Professor in Dr.Lachgar’s group. He is a professor of Material Chemistry at Hassan II-University, in Casablanca. His research concerns the synthesis, structural characterisation and properties of novel inorganic and hybrid inorganic/organic phosphates materials in both crystalline and vitreous forms. He uses numerous techniques, including X-ray & neutron diffraction

    methods, DSC, DTA, TGA, Raman, UV-visible, Photoluminescence, EPR, NMR, Mössbauer and magnetic measurements to characterize materials and improve the understanding of structure-property relationships. His research at Wake Forest focuses mainly on synthesis and characterization of hydrothermal carbon for biofuel catalysis, and phosphate and vanadate based materials for photocatalytic applications.

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