About Project

Sindh Wake Biocarbon (SWB) is slogan for joint efforts of University of Sindh, Jamshoro and Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem. The ultimate goal of this collaborative project is to positively contribute to human and economic development in the region around the University of Sindh. This goal will be achieved through technology transfer and development, leading to entrepreneurial activities based on commercialization of a technology that utilizes waste biomass to produce value-added functional products to be used in two specific applications: Waste-to-Energy Conversion (WEC) and Water Purification (WP).The technology is based on what is referred to as HydroThermal Carbon (HTC) which will be produced by hydrothermal treatment of waste biomass, then functionalized for specific needs.

This collaborative project will be used as a vehicle or a frame to building research capacity in Pakistan and strengthening U.S.-Pakistan scientific research, education and training relationships. Economic development is at the core of this project because it emphasizes two important issues: 1) empowering Pakistani women by providing opportunities to use scientific research for entrepreneurial purposes. 2) Technology transfer that allows for Pakistani and US researchers to work together to develop and test the technology in Pakistan in the areas of energy and water, which are critical to sustainable economic development. The project is focused on three things

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